To the left of the Laguna chair lift.


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Dorada is another red run in the Laguna Area.

It is on the left side of the Laguna chair lift (opposite la Trucha).

It is parallel to the first part of Trucha and similar to it, but less wide and sometimes it is not groomed.

When you arrive next to the lake, it merges with the Trucha, which used to be off piste until a few years ago they decided to beacon it.

Not crowded at all.

You can cross from here to Trucha or W whenever you feel like. You can also get there from T-bar Zayas, if you have came from Veleta area and you want to get into the Laguna valley.

If you take this option, make sure the Veleta chair lift or the Dilar return lifts are open- if they are closed you can't get out of the valley! Ramp: 390 m Length: 992 m Surface: 51603 m2