Ridgeline run from Laramie Traverse to the bottom of Sublette.









Named for famed Olympian and legendary skier Pepi Stiegler, Pepi’s Run runs along the ridge between Laramie Bowl on the skier’s left and Cheyenne and Bernie’s Bowl on the skier’s right.

The run starts off of Laramie Traverse (just before the sweeping turn directly below the Sublette Lift Line) and is sparsely treed before it turns into a cut run in a heavily forested area.

Pepi’s is almost always full of large moguls, but after significant snowfall will be smooth.

Follow the ridge straight down to the Sublette Lift for the easiest way down, or access numerous expert runs on either side of the ridge.

The famous Alta Chutes will be on the skier’s left and Table Rock and Split Rock are on your right.

Both sides of the ridge contain seriously hazardous skiing so go with someone who knows the area, or take your time getting to know the intricacies!