Bordering tall pines and incredible north nacing skiing.


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G-5 is a local's favourite amongst the north facing runs in the Highland Bowl.

This run, bordering the pines of G-4 has a big mountain feel, with the added contrast of skiing next to the tall pines that provide a beautiful natural boundary to the steep, 36 degree pitch.

This run is great on storm days, thanks to the added pines, but can be quite bumpy during high pressures when new snow is not abundant.

The average pitch of 36 degrees is steep enough to challenge any level of expert skier, and the beautiful fall line in the second half of the 700 vertical foot run is excellent.

Access this shot by skiing skier's right off the top of the 12,392 foot Highland Peak summit through the bumpy, tiered terrain on the ski area boundary line.

As you descend about 500 vertical feet, head skier's left after you pass the first group of several pines that you see on the upper portion of the wide-open ridge, just down to the skier's left.

Ski just to the skier's right of these trees and continue down the fall line.

As you ski, you'll begin to see a larger expanse of pines on skier's right: this is your marker.

Here, continue to border the pines on the skier's right-hand side down into the bottom of the Highland Bowl.

In years with more snow, it is possible that some of the solo pines on the upper portion of the ridge will be buried underneath the snow.

In this case, to find G-5, you'll need to approximate the timing and try to see just to the skier's left of the trees as you make your starting traverse from the summit.

If you keep this grouping of trees on your right-hand side and the open runs of the bowl on your left, you'll find G-5.

The starting elevation for this run is 11,900 feet.