Lower Forest Queen is a cruising groomer as the Paradise area flattens out with mellow rollers on a wide open cut trail.









Lower Forest Queen picks up where Upper Forest Queen left off after it merges with Paradise Bowl/Canaan and you have the options to go right down Fallaway/Treasury to head to East River or left on Houston Access or Ruby Chief to the Breakfast trail to get back to the base area.

You dip over the cat track onto a wide open steeper section and as the trail mellows out it meanders it's way down to the Paradise Express after merging with Lower Ruby Chief.

There are short sections of moguls on the side of the trail and you can dip off into the trees at various points if you are trying to sniff out some powder or want to introduce the kids to tree skiing.

You'll finish the trail when it merges with Ruby Chief and you can stop at the Paradise Warming House, get back on the Paradise Express, or continue to the bottom of Teocalli lifts or the East River Express.