The way down to the bottom.


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Spar Gulch is the 1500 vertical foot, groomed highway that takes you from the bottom of the Ajax Express lift to the top of The Little Nell run on the Gondola Plaza side of the lower mountain.

The run starts out steep and retains its pitch as you pass the run-outs for all of The Dump runs on skier's left, and the Face of Bell runs that are on skier's right.

This run sees a lot of traffic as it is one of the two main veins that allow you to access the lower mountain.

As you continue past The Dumps and Face of Bell the run gradually loses its steep pitch.

Watch out for "Slow Down, Relax, It's Aspen" signs as you enter a long flat section.

Bingo Glades will emerge on skier's right, and the exits from the Cone Dumps are on skier's left.

Keep your speed here.

Big turns or any turns in this flat section are not generally appreciated by locals.

"Spar" is generally groomed to perfection, so feel comfortable skiing fast, and really ripping your carving skis here.