Pause, come to rest, recharge your batteries in nature and slow down. All this is offered by the Meditative Circuit of Saas-Fee,


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The meditative circuit starts at the parish church of Saas-Fee.

In a northerly direction the path leads over the Untere Dorfstrasse, past the Hotel duGlacier and Metropol and the Stadelweg up to Aqua Allalin.

Between the Aqua Allain and the wellnessHostel4000 you hike down the first part of the historic chapel path to the chapel "Zur Hohen Stiege". A little below this chapel, the new section of this circular path branches off to the left.

The path leads you through the larch forest to the Josefskapelle chapel. From here one climbs along the old mule track (better known as the mule track) to the Wildistrasse.

The path turns right and after about 200 metres you reach the Theodul Chapel. Via Obere Wildistrasse, past Zuckmayer-Haus, you reach Haus Juwel in Lomattenstrasse.

Via this and the upper village road you reach again the starting point of the circular path, the parish church of Saas-Fee. equipment * Good, fitting footwear * Camera * Hiking poles (optional) * Map/ printout of the trail (click on "Print" to download)