A steeper variation in Beaver Bowl









Beaver Bowl is the next bowl past Wolverine as you head north from Summit Express.

South Beaver is steeper than the main Beaver bowl and has more avalanches.

The bowls along the mountain top have always been part of Alpine Meadows terrain, and they now call them the Pacific Crest Bowls.

Take Wolverine Saddle past Wolverine Bowl and Idiot's Delight.

You are paralleling the Pacific Crest hiking trail along the ridge.

You will pass a ridge top rocky knob that is the end of Idiot's.

Go past the rocky knob and enter between the trees on your right and the cliff face to your left.

You will merge with Beaver Bowl run as you reach the bench at the end of the bowl where it flattens.

You will see Kangaroo chair below you and you can take the Kangaroo run down to the base.

Watch out for avalanches and avalanche debris in this entire area.