Two independent green pistes. One is gentler than the other, with a covered moving carpet lift for pedestrians, skiers and tobogganers alike.









Officially now a designated tobogganing piste, one side for the family friendly resort, this piste will attract beginners with its covered moving carpet situated bang, smack in the middle of the piste replacing the Tele-Ecole 1 and Tele-Ecole 2 beginner's button lifts which went up either side.

It is likely that skiers will use this slope to return to certain residences in the south of the village which have traditionally been ski in / ski out.

It is expected that beginners will use the piste to one side of the 'Tapis' (Mat) and the sledging fraternity the other.

It's a short 300m walk to the village centre with all of its facilities.

Of special note is a fabulous ski shop which can be accessed at the bottom of this piste (ZigZag Sports).

Jack will provide a superb welcome to English, French and Spanish speakers, offering a fabulous and unusual range of equipment and clothes.