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Most likely named for the Wyoming State Flower, Indian Paintbrush, Paintbrush serves as a proving ground for expert skiers.

The upper section is found along Horn’s Hole Traverse about a hundred feet down on the skier’s right.

Pick your way through the trees and rocks up top, then find your way through the often moguled pitch before stopping at the group of trees blocking your path.

It’s possible to bail to the skier’s left from this point towards Amphitheater, but for those who have not had enough, continue through the trees into the area known as “Toilet Bowl.” Locals will refer to this long challenging link-up as “PB-TB.” The Toilet Bowl section of Paintbrush provides many options down.

The easiest way is to traverse skier’s left along the tree line until reaching the far side at which point a clear path to the bottom will present itself.

Adventurous skiers will pick their way through the maze of cliffs in Toilet Bowl, but newcomers should take caution here.

There are many blind sections, so take it slow and trust your gut.

It’s definitely best to ski Toilet Bowl with someone who knows the area.