A backcountry route through the Cortals valley.


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From the top of Tossa de Llossada walk south west to the flat summit (reaching the top of the chairlift to your right).

Just a 10 minute walk will lead you to the rolling summit and the walk is very flat.

Keep walking on the summit in a south-west direction until gradually the wide ridge will be visible.

Identify Cortals creek deep down in the valley to the left and another ridge section from the one you stand on your right.

During the access, that distant ridge should be visible and this will allow you to stand in a safe location to get down.

Drop in keeping that ridge on your right.

The slope is fairly steep but the slope coming from the higher ridge is steeper.

Standing on a kind of a traversal step, keep following this south-west line.

Watch out that you do not ride too far on the left side otherwise you will find an area of cliffs.

Keep following the ridge line, now far away but following the same direction, and a steep and rocky area will appear on the right.

Meanwhile the Cortals valley creek should be visible far down on the left and the road and Funicamp middle station should be visible too.

A long traverse leads you to the end.