A fun, wide double chute that leads into Powder Assault Bowl









Mania is a great place to get a short steep ski into Powder Assault Bowl, and sees less traffic than the Bowl itself.

The chute is halfway up, or down, the ridge between Discipline and Drop-In.

Therefore, it can be accessed either by hiking to the sub-peak and descending along the NW ridge to the entrance, or by taking the Lemming Line traverse to Drop-In, and hiking up to the entrance.

Once there, an easy get in at a break in the rope fence leads to a rib that divides the two sides of the chute.

Both sides of the rock rib offer a approximately 150m of sustained skiing & riding into the Bowl.

Beware of rocks to skier's right, especially early season.

The chutes themselves are clean lines, but the ribs cannot be skied or ridden to their endpoint without some air.

A great double diamond alternative to Powder Assault proper.