Outstanding tree skiing with a tricky fall line









The Beauty Glades can be found after emerging from Greely Bowl, and exiting via the short hike and ski, followed by another very short boot pack up to their entrance.

The northernmost ski area boundary runs along the skier's right side of the glades.

The trick to getting the most out of this terrain is to stay close enough to the boundary that you're on the longest fall line without descending left into Baxter's creek.

Great pockets of snow can be found here days after a storm, and the trees are mostly well-spaced.

As long as you remain inside, and left of, the ski area boundary, you eventually join Baxter's creek, and then the Big Woody cat track to the Ripper Chair.

These glades are some of the most fun, with short steeps and lots of moderate angled parts too.

A must do, and really the best option after a Greely Bowl lap.