Mellow chute to prepare you for the Double Blacks


Analysing terrain data








The south chutes are best experienced from left to right.

There is alot to explore.

From the Goats Eye Chair, head toward the gate, which leads to the chutes.

Proceed through the lower gate and strap up.

Follow the cat track and the first chute straight ahead is Goats Head Soup.

A solid Black that has a chute feel but is quite wide.

Large enough to usually find a fresh stash on the outskirts.

Tends to have large moguls in the center because of it's ease of access.The South Chutes are usually in the sun during the afternoon and it can be a great area to warm up.

Descend the long consistent fall line which can either meet up with Sunshine Coast or traverse left into the open bowl below the chutes.

Take a minute to take in the view of the Eagles and the Delirium Dive.