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Discover Durmitor National Park’s Striking Landscape on Foot

See for yourself why this remote mountainous slice of Montenegro is so terrific.

Hiking Moderate, Severe

Also in Žabljak, Montenegro

Photo: Shant Dem


Montenegro’s rugged, wild natural beauty can be fully appreciated with a visit to Durmitor National Park. This breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site sits in the northern territory of Montenegro and is the country’s largest national park. It was formed by massive glaciers and is home to the impressive Tara River Canyon, which has the deepest gorges in Europe. Formidable mountains, dense forests, grassy meadowlands, clear lakes, and roaring rivers make Durmitor a hiker’s heaven.

Scores of routes wind around the park’s remarkable landscape, allowing all manner of hikers to discover it first-hand. In fact, thanks to its abundance of mountains, forests, and rivers, Durmitor National Park is a true outdoor enthusiast’s — be it a kayaker, rafter, skier, hiker, or climber‘s — dream come true.

The hikes in this guidebook bring you on an outdoor journey through the park’s incredible scenery. From its stunning highlight, the glacial Black Lake, to the summit of its best panoramic viewpoint atop Prutaš mountain and to a ski lift ride above ski slopes to Skavin kuk’s breezy summit, each route gives you a sense of Durmitor’s grandeur and expanse. You’ll walk through dense European Black Pine forests, scramble up and down rocky, vertical peaks, and marvel at still turquoise waters along these paths.

With a blend of leisurely strolls, trying ascents, and moderate hikes, there’s something for everyone in this guidebook. It’s likely these routes will inspire you to discover more of this gorgeous region, as well as country, so why not kick off your adventure with these sensational hikes?

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