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Perhaps the biggest perk of living on an island is the sheer amount of coastline you have easy access to. With four bordering oceans—The Atlantic, North Sea, Irish Sea, and the English Channel—there’s much to be discovered on Britain’s beaches, cliffs, and ports. Feel the wild force of blustery gales on the cliffs of Dover, be wowed by the big skies of North Norfolk’s sandy beaches, and spot the castles and lighthouses dotted along Devon’s coastline.

As well as all of the natural delights—pebbly beaches, the sound of seagulls, and the splash of waves—there’s also a lot of extra charms to Britain’s seaside destinations—fish and chips, cosy pubs, crabbing, and colourful beach huts, to name just a few. Walkers especially have a great time of it, with well developed and maintained walking trails along pretty much all of the coastlines.

This guidebook contains some inspirational long-distance coastal routes, which can, of course, be enjoyed in smaller chunks, and also shorter walks in some of Britain’s most stunning seaside spots. So grab your windbreakers, perhaps prepare yourself for a bit of mud, and hit the trails!

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