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Looking out from the Karel Lift

Ski Tour Australia's 5 Highest Mountains...In 1 Weekend!

A peak bagger's dream with some decent skiing thrown in too!

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Looking out from the Karel Lift
Looking out from the Karel Lift Photo: Alpha


There can't be many countries in the World which offer the peak-bagging ski tourer a weekend like this. Based out of Thredbo resort, 2 days (weather and snow conditions permitting) of effort on your part will see you stand on top of Australia's 5 highest mountains, and skiing off their summits.

The highest of all the peaks is Mount Kosciuszko but the other 4 mountains in this guidebook are all within 50 vertical metres, such is the unique nature of the terrain around the summit of Australia. Climbing the peaks can be logically divided into 2 days, so this is an ideal weekend mission from Canberra or - for those who don't mind a long drive - Sydney or Melbourne.

Day 1 starts from the Charlotte Pass area (which we've covered in more detail here - /discover/guidebook/28898@-36.3938731,148.2982842,3279.8481311,-90,0,2024.9537417,normal) and sees you climb the stunning Mount Twynam, the 3rd highest peak in Australia at 2196m. We've also included the short detour to the nearby peak of Tenison Woods Knoll (2136m) because, well, why not?

Day 2 starts from Thredbo resort (which we've also covered in greater depth here - /discover/guidebook/28991)and will see you tick off Kosciuszko itself, as well as the remote Mount Townsend, Ram's Head and (merely as a detour to Kosciuszko) Etheridge Ridge.

With all that done, you can retire to one of Thredbo's apres-ski bars!

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