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From Lakes to Beaches: Best Tracks to Tread in Northwest Tasmania

Experience the many moods of Tasmania’s dramatic coastline, still lakes, and bubbling rivers on these scenic trails.

Hiking Easy, Moderate

Photo: Sylvia Young


The mountainous northwest region of Tasmania is a hiker’s utopia. It’s also a treasure trove of natural wonders, with epic landscapes and a rich and unique diversity of animals and plants. From long stretches of sandy beaches to lush tropical rainforests and craggy mountains, there are hundreds of trails to choose from in this section of Tasmania, regardless of your fitness level. The best part is that the island’s northwestern area is sparsely populated, so you’ll have most of its wilderness and hikes to yourself.

As an ancient, mountainous part of the world, the island of Tasmania also boasts incredible rivers, lakes, gorges, and more waterways inland. This list of hikes is made up of scenic routes in the northwestern region of the island that keep you near water. From breezy coastal hikes with tidal rock hopping to lakeside forest tracks around the iconic and tranquil Lake St Clair, there is an abundance to see and explore on these trails.

All three hikes are an excellent way to experience Tasmania’s impressively diverse and wild landscape without having to challenge yourself too much. One route is a riverside gorge walk just a stone’s throw away from Launceston, Tasmania’s second-largest city. Another is a peaceful lakeside track deep in the mountains of the famous Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, and the third is a remarkable coastal hike at the northern tip of the island.

Pull on your hiking boots, grab some provisions, and head out to discover Tasmania’s stunning outdoors on these three adventures.

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