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Kinnerly Peak

The Waterton National Park Triple Crown

Explore the best hiking trails in a legendary National Park by challenging yourself to complete the Waterton Triple Crown.

Hiking Difficult, Severe

Also in British Columbia, Canada

Kinnerly Peak
Kinnerly Peak Photo: Nick Keenan


The Waterton Triple Crown involves completing three world class hiking trails in a single summer. The challenge is hosted by Peals Café in Waterton - on completion of the challenge you can get your name on their glory board to celebrate your achievement. Make sure you get a picture on the summit of each trail to participate in the challenge.

The three trails are Carthew-Alderson, Crypt Lake and Akamina Ridge. These are all long and challenging day hikes, but are well worth the effort and will leave you speechless thanks to the spectacular scenery you will find here.

Any one of these trails would leave you with lasting memories of Waterton Lakes National Park, but completing all three is the ultimate way to make sure you do the area justice. Even though all three trails start in Waterton, they are all in very varied landscapes and all offer something different.

The Crypt Lake trail is certainly the scariest of the three, but the outstanding beauty of this trail means it makes it to the top of most peoples' bucket lists when they arrive in Waterton.

The Carthew Alderson trail is a popular place to see wildlife and has outstanding views into Glacier National Park. The fact that this is a through hike makes it logistically the most difficult of the three, but you will soon forget about the challenges when you see the views from the top.

Akamina Ridge is the least known trial as it’s outside of the national park, but the trail does start inside the park and this ridge is one you don’t want to miss. With most of the trail above the tree line and fantastic 360 views all along the ridge, this trail is arguably the most scenic and tranquil of the three and also the least travelled. If you are looking to avoid the crowds then this is the perfect trail for you.

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