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Walking to the peak

Blower Backcountry in Nevados de Chillan

3 Routes to Explore Volcanoes, Thermal Rivers and Truly Mind Blowing Ski Terrain!

Ski Touring Difficult

Walking to the peak
Walking to the peak Photo: BackChillan


In the region of Ñuble, Chillan is the longest volcanic complex in Chile, where you can find the best of the country's backcountry- this area allows you to get yourself to some truly wild and remote mountains.

These are the three classic ski touring adventures that are surrounded by impressive and aggressive volcanoes, as well as multiple natural attractions with amazing landscapes and incredible views of wildlife. The village of Las Trancas and the resort Nevados de Chillan, allow easy access to the remote parts of these mountains, and makes it easy to approach the hiking, making it a perfect spot for ski touring. Also you can stay there for some days, enjoying the friendly and natural environment of the village, and then you can get to these three routes to get a complete view of the valley.

This area geographically is dotted with multiple landscapes including active volcanoes, glaciers, thermal rivers, woods and rocks. Each of the tours are unique with different terrains, so be ready to face long hikes, walking on glaciers, through dense forests and down between volcanic rocks. These obstacles for sure will be a challenge but at the same time offer some great spectacles to enjoy. So prepare yourself for a full adventure, with the necessary equipment and knowledge of backcountry terrain. If in doubt, it's always recommended to go with a local guide to so you can enjoy the volcano complex and the valley.

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