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Up the hill with a view of the beginners lines

Unmissable Ski Classics in Valle Arenas

Epic Terrain on Ancient Volcanoes - Welcome to a Unique Ski Zone!

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Up the hill with a view of the beginners lines
Up the hill with a view of the beginners lines


Quebrada Morales (or Valle de las Arenas) is located at the foot of the famous San José Volcano - at the end of the Cajón del Maipo - where the terrain resembles a natural amusement park! The valley is home to huge glaciers, glacial lagoons, and impressive mountains; it's definitely a unique place that will take you to wild and remote mountains.

These 3 routes are the classics of the Arenas Valley, which can't be missed. Most have light snow for much of the season and you can enjoy powder all season long! The dry weather makes this place special but the constant sunny days and winds make the snow conditions dangerous, so as soon as you enter the valley be alert for avalanches. If you get into the high peaks of the valley then be prepared to deal with icy areas and high mountain conditions - for the higher routes it is always a good idea to bring your crampons.

Access is an important issue in the area, as Parque Arenas is in an early stage of development. Access is controlled and permission must be requested at ParqueArenas@gmail.com. The road leading to the valley is at risk of avalanches, loose rocks, and extreme weather conditions, but in winter it is usually maintained and invariably clear. However, the use of 4x4 vehicles and chains is recommended.

For those who have only a few days in the Cajón del Maipo, it is possible to do all these excursions in 3 or 4 days, which would be a great introduction to this amazing ski valley.

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