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Granchester Meadows

5 Excellent Pub Walks in the UK

5 hikes ending with a pint and a packet of crisps—a truly British adventure!

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Granchester Meadows
Granchester Meadows Photo: Fernando Garcia Redondo


Britain’s wildly diverse landscapes make for some truly excellent walking. Head north to Yorkshire for emerald fields and heathery fells, east to north Norfolk for wide sandy beaches, south for dramatic cliffs, and west for gentle, rippling hills. The country’s notorious fast-changing skies certainly add to the sense of contrast and adventure when you pull on your boots and brace for whatever the heavens want to throw at you. And of course, nothing beats a well-earned pint in a cosy pub after a day's hike in the great outdoors. The old beams and thatched roofs, ales, roasts, open fire, and warm atmosphere make British pubs more than just a pit stop.

Here are a few of our favourite UK walks paired with outstanding pubs along the routes, including one of London’s most famous pubs, and a 15th-century local boozer in a frozen-in-time village.

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