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Maja e Livadhit 2493mm

Maja e Livadhit in Boge, Shkoder

Alpine Climbing Difficult

12 km
1.4 km
1.4 km
Low Point
1.1 km
High Point
2.4 km
Maja e Livadhit 2493mm Map

Peak of Livadhi in Boge is a difficult hike. The trail does not have any sign at all. We put some pile up stones nearly in all the distance but do not go without GPS. The distance from trailpoint up to the summit is 5km with a elevation gain 1428m. It takes 4-5 hours up to the summit and 3-4 hours to turn back. So the average slope is 28.5 but the third kilometer is quite steep at around 50-60 grade. The trail on fourth and fifth kilometer pass through some points where you need to climb for 1 or 2 meters. Once you reach the peak you will have a magnificent panorama around. If you face south the mountain on your left is Dry Mountain 2541m which is characterized by its steepness rocky wall. In front there is Maja e Rabes (Cardakut) 2250m.



The beginning of truly technical terrain which might involve pitched climbing on rock and/or ice, exposed terrain and complex route finding in ascent and descent. Equivalent to AD, AD+

High Exposure

3 out of 4

Much of the route is difficult to protect and a fall could be disastrous at certain points.


2 out of 4

Away from help but easily accessed.

Best time to visit

between March and October

Equipment required

  • Ice axe
  • Crampons