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BergeSeen Trail Etappe 12: Gosau-Hintertal – Hallstatt

Dachstein Salzkammergut

Trail path: Gosau-Hintertal - Löckernmoos - Plankensteinalm - Passage - Salzberg - Hallstatth

Hiking Difficult

15 km
1 km
1.3 km
4-5 hrs
Low Point
513 m
High Point
1.5 km
BergeSeen Trail Etappe 12: Gosau-Hintertal – Hallstatt Map

From Gosau-Hintertal to Löckernmoos, (2 hours)From the starting point of Gasthaus Gosauschmied, take the road 500 m in the direction of Gosau to Gasthaus Edelweiß. There begins a narrow path that leads through dense forest up to a forest road. You can also get here via this forest road, which is just north of the Ghs. Gosauschmmied begins (a little further and not so beautiful), from the forest road it continues up through forest, another road is crossed until you come to a forest road again. Now take this road briefly to the left, then turn right, where you will soon reach the Schleifstein huts. Pass the second hut, then turn left to a fork in the road. Now right up to the beginning of the Löckernmoos, a high moor overgrown with mountain pines. On long wooden footbridges you walk through the moor and you come to a small moor lake, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Gosaukamm. From Löckernmoos to Durchgangsattel, (2 hours)On wooden footbridges you continue to the end of the moor and then downhill to Hinteren Grubenalm. Now turn left on the Almstraße to a fork in the road. Again left on the road to the snack station Vordere Grubenalm, then another 1.3 km until a path branches off to the right, which leads uphill to the large alpine meadows of the Plankensteinalm. Over the alp in northeast direction up to an alp road. Now a short distance to the right, but then to the left to the managed Leutgebhütte. From there over the flat alpine meadow towards NE into the through saddle, approx. 1580 m.From the through saddle to Hallstatt, a 3 hour "pass" is the narrow descent possibility between two walls in the direction of Hallstatt just south of the Hohe Scheibe. From the saddle (signpost) steeply down to the beautifully situated through alpine pastures and to a forest road. On the road downhill for a short distance, then left on a path that leads first flat, then uphill to the dam meadows and then to a mine hut. Now turn right on a forest road, some hairpin bends can be shortened on a steep path, down to the show mine and on to the striking Rudolfsturm, a particularly beautifully situated restaurant with a view of Lake Hallstatt. On the wide Salträgerweg it takes 40 minutes down to the centre of Hallstatt (from the Rudolfsturm you can take the inclined lift down to the valley). https://www.dachstein-panorama.at/?s=pano68545&utmsource=tourdata&utmmedium=textlink&utmcampaign=tourdata360tour" https://www.dachstein-panorama.at/?s=pano68545&utmsource=tourdata&utmmedium=textlink&utmcampaign=tourdata360tour "To the 360° panorama tour through the Gosau valley ...



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