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Badlands 65km gravel ride

Badlands 65km gravel ride

Gravel Biking Easy

65 km
887 m
887 m
4-5 hrs
Low Point
677 m
High Point
871 m
Badlands 65km gravel ride Map

This area of the province is most excellent for gravel riding. The hills are relatively steep and winding and make for fun biking. The region, the Badlands, has beautiful and unique scenery and history - hoodoos and coulees created around the majestic Red Deer river valley.


The route travels through the historic town of Rosedale. There is a historical mining site just to north of the town before the steep ascent back on to the prairie. There is an excellent joint to stop at - the timeless burger and ice cream stand, Asteroid.

All roads are public. Some of the byways are wildly difficult to ride in wet conditions and do take a couple days to dry out after a heavy rain.



Best time to visit

between April and October