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Plagne Centre - Col de Forcle

La Plagne

Vanoise Massif

This itinerary offers you the view from your door level by directly connecting the centre of the resort to the magnificent viewpoint offered by the Col de Forcle. The choice of simplicity.

Resort Ski Touring Easy

4.1 km
352 m
33 m
1-2 hrs
Low Point
1.9 km
High Point
2.3 km
Plagne Centre - Col de Forcle Map

Departure at the bottom of Plagne Centre, the route starts on the path just after the petrol station (last building on the right when leaving Plagne Centre). It winds gently up to the Dou du Praz plateau (beware of the portion also used by pedestrians). Continue by the path that passes near the restaurant, beware of the track crossings (at this level, you can take the track to go down to Plagne Centre). Continue the ascent following the route to the bottom of the Col de Forcle valley. From there cross the downhill ski slope and climb into the valley. This last part is not groomed and allows you to familiarize yourself with the "horn" progression.<br/><br/>For more information: <a href="https://skitouring.decathlon.fr" target="blank">skitouring.decathlon.fr</a>