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Il romanico fra Colli e Castelli

Villadeati (26 km)

Road Biking Moderate

33 km
668 m
660 m
1-2 hrs
Low Point
148 m
High Point
332 m
Il romanico fra Colli e Castelli Map

Description of the route Between vineyards and hills you will find unforgettable views and views of the Alps. From the village of Murisengo, dominated by the Castle, you can deviate to the characteristic village of Montiglio among Romanesque churches in Romanesque style lost among the cemeteries of the villages.


Stages of the route and points of interest Departure from Via Cascina Vallone; at the stop sign turn right for Murisengo. Once in Murisengo, you can take a tour of the village, up to Piazza del Municipio, where there is a fountain, then take Via Asti.

Continue to Bricco and, once in Albarengo, there is the possibility of a detour to visit Montiglio, a village with characteristic narrow streets that climb up to the Castle. Going down again to the valley and back up to Albarengo, pass Colcavagno and Albarengo Alto on the sp34. The Romanesque church of San Vittore and Corona di Colcavagno, located in the small comitero, is well worth a visit.

At Molinasso, at the traffic lights turn left in the direction of Tonco. In Cardona, at the stop sign turn left until you reach Tonco. Then head towards Trittango and, continuing uphill, you return to Villadeati, in via Torino and then to the square with the fountain. (route geotaped by Claudio Trombin)




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