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A wild couloir!

Freeride Skiing Difficult

1.4 km
70 m
338 m
Low Point
2.2 km
High Point
2.5 km
Bascos Map

Turn left at the top of the ‘TQ Tuc de la Llança’ lift and ski for 100 metres down the blue ‘La Llança’ piste. Put on your skins on and walk up until you reach the southern col of the Escornacrabes peak. It's a 20 minute hike, with a 200m elevation gain and about 1 kilometre long. If you don't have skins you can do it walking, but if snow conditions are good and powdery for the descent, they will likely be bad for the hike! The hike goes around a small lake and by the pass between Tuc de la Llança and Escornacrabes. Once at the top, you can put your skis or snowboard on for the descent and enter the amazing couloir. Following this slope, you will reach the blue piste ‘Argulls’.



Serious gradient of 30-38 degrees where a real risk of slipping exists.

Medium Exposure (E2)

2 out of 4

As well as the slope itself, there are some obstacles (such as rock outcrops) which could aggravate injury.


3 out of 4

Little chance of being seen or helped in case of an accident.

Best time to visit

between January and March


  • Walk Required

Equipment required

  • Skins

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