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Barrel Loop

Monarch Mountain


A classic mini ski tour at Monarch Mountain.

Resort Ski Touring Moderate

1.2 km
114 m
112 m
Low Point
3.3 km
High Point
3.4 km
Barrel Loop Map

Monarch Mountain, though not a huge resort, offers some of the best in-bounds touring in Colorado, thanks to a generous access policy. Skinning uphill is allowed at any time on runs that are open, including during operating hours on a few designated routes. The tour mapped here follows one of those routes up, then descends on Gunbarrel, which is a historic hike-to line on the front of the mountain.


Gunbarrel was the original trail cut at Monarch in the 1930s, and remains a favorite to this day. The short walk is enough to keep most of the non-touring crowds away, so you might even find fresh hits on the piste or off in the trees. It dumps you right back at the parking lot, where you can choose to call it a day or lap it again.

Note that skinning at Monarch requires an uphill pass, which is free for season pass holders but must be purchased otherwise. The price is not bad, however, considering the nearly unlimited access it grants to touring at this resort. See the Uphill Travel webpage for more information.

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Best time to visit

between November and May

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