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Sleeper to Village Way Uphill

Berthoud Pass

Winter Park

Winter Park Ski Area

A determined uphill route that can grant descents through Parsenn Bowl, Eagle Wind, or The Cirque territories.

Resort Ski Touring Difficult

4.1 km
28 m
776 m
Low Point
2.9 km
High Point
3.7 km
Sleeper to Village Way Uphill Map

This extended uphill route begins on the Sleeper trail, which is the most efficient way to the top of Mary Jane Territory. Continue onto Side Track or Rollins Ridge to reach the summit, and there examine your motivation to go farther. If you’re up for it, take Primrose Trail on a brief downhill to connect with Village Way. Village Way then traces the panoramic ridge between Parsenn Bowl and Eagle Wind Territories, where tempting runs drop away on either side.


Continuing beyond the top of Parsenn Bowl can even get you to The Cirque, which is an epic place to be before the lifts open. An early run in this remote, expert territory grants the feel of backcountry skiing with no one else around. The Cirque may be off-limits for control work, however, so be sure to know before you go. Also keep in mind that once you’re out there, it’s quite a long way back. If you don’t have a lift ticket then you’re in for a hefty tour.

Winter Park requires an uphill armband for access, which is separate from a lift pass. Review the uphill policy and be sure to get the pass before setting out.




3 out of 4

Little chance of being seen or helped in case of an accident.

Best time to visit

between December and April

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