Steamboat Uphill to Thunderhead Lodge


Designated route for morning and evening uphill access at Steamboat.

Resort Ski Touring Moderate

2.8 km
646 m
0 m
Low Point
2.1 km
High Point
2.8 km
Steamboat Uphill to Thunderhead Lodge Map

Steamboat Resort allows uphill access in the mornings and evenings, using this designated route from the base area to Thunderhead Lodge. It follows mostly blue runs and gains more than 2000 feet of vertical. Continuing even higher toward Storm Peak is allowed on some days, pending mountain operations. That extension makes Steamboat one of Colorado’s most impressive mountains for uphill access, with more than 3,500 feet of total gain to Storm Peak. Uphillers typically turn around at or below Thunderhead Lodge, however, so that is the track shown here. Keep in mind that uphill routes may change or close based on operations for the day, so pay attention to any signage on the mountain. You must also get the uphill armband in advance. See Steamboat’s uphill access page for the policies and other helpful information.




1 out of 4

Close to help in case of emergency.

Best time to visit

between December and April

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