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Wood River Trail: Hailey to Ketchum

Sun Valley

A paved path through the valley that's not only scenic, but also useful for getting around by bicycle.

Road Biking Easy

21 km
177 m
26 m
1-2 hrs
Low Point
1.6 km
High Point
1.8 km
Wood River Trail: Hailey to Ketchum Map

The Wood River Trail is a paved rails-to-trails through the Sun Valley area, linking multiple communities and the scenery in between. In total it spans about 20 miles, but the section from Hailey to Ketchum is what’s highlighted here. The full trail extends southward to Bellevue and northward a few miles past Ketchum. Though the trail crosses roads at several points, it remains separate from the highways and open only to non-motorized use. That makes it safe for casual biking, walking, or jogging.


This trail is loved by residents and visitors alike, not only for exercise and scenery, but also as a convenient way to get around by bicycle. You can hop on or off the trail just about anywhere, making a trip of any distance. With short detours you can get to restaurants, stores, hiking trails, public parks, and fishing spots. While on the trail you’ll ride through forests and fields along the Big Wood River, with non-stop views to the mountains that surround. There are also interpretive signs that explain some history of the area. The trail is popular all year long, even during the winter. When there’s enough snow it’s usually groomed for cross-country skiing, and fat-tire bikes can share it as well.

Source: https://summertrailink.bcrd.org/woodrivertrail.php




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