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Hanging Garden

North Madisons

Very exposed, tight chute. One of the most challenging descents in the area.

Ski Touring Extreme

554 m
0 m
309 m
0-1 hrs
Low Point
2.9 km
High Point
3.2 km
Hanging Garden Map

The Hanging Garden is not a line to be taken lightly. It requires perfect snowpack assessment and skiing ability. It is a little less than 1000 feet vertical and is about 10 feet wide in the crux, depending on snow levels. This line is an off angle ramp that trends skier's right, traversing across a hanging snowfield situated above a 100 feet cliff. The line then exits into a nice apron witch ends at Beehive Lake. Head to the 4th of July Chute at the top of Beehive Basin and boot up the couloir. At the top, you will be able to scramble up to the top of Beehive Peak to your right. Be careful here, as there is loose rock. A little before the summit, you will see a small chute heading north. This is the top of The Hanging Garden. Head back to the car by ascending snow chutes on either side of Beehive Peak.



Extreme skiing terrain above 45 degrees. These routes are reserved for experienced experts.

High Exposure (E3)

3 out of 4

In case of a fall, death is highly likely.


4 out of 4

In the high mountains or remote conditions, all individuals must be completely autonomous in every situation.

Best time to visit

between December and May


  • Cliffs
  • Walk Required

Equipment required

  • Rope
  • Skins
  • Crampons