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Thompson Brook

Wildcat Mountain

A popular sidecountry glade off Upper Polecat

Freeride Skiing Difficult

1.7 km
0 m
363 m
Low Point
825 m
High Point
1.2 km
Thompson Brook Map

Thompson Brook is among the most beloved sidecountry adventures at Wildcat. While you're unlikely to find untracked powder here, there are many fun turns to be had in this meandering drainage. Thompson Brook begins at the first backcountry access gate on Upper Polecat. Drop down into the valley and ski through the tight evergreen glades. You will eventually funnel into a cut traverse. Follow this to skiers right, passing the other tempting drop-ins, until you reach an open creek bed. This is the actual "blue line" on paper maps. Ski this open drainage down the fall line until you reach an orange rope. Despite being out of bounds, patrol puts a rope here to prevent skiers from becoming trapped above Thompson Falls or ending up on Route 16. Traverse out to skiers left until you reach Middle Polecat. If you want more woods skiing, Bonus Woods starts to skiers right of Middle Polecat and offers sweet low angle glades.



Serious gradient of 30-38 degrees where a real risk of slipping exists.

Medium Exposure (E2)

2 out of 4

As well as the slope itself, there are some obstacles (such as rock outcrops) which could aggravate injury.


2 out of 4

Away from help but easily accessed.

Best time to visit

between February and April


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