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Fiery Gizzard Loop

A tough but incredibly beautiful hike.

Hiking Severe

14 km
384 m
384 m
3-4 hrs
Low Point
402 m
High Point
562 m
Fiery Gizzard Loop Map

The Fiery Gizzard Loop is a challenging but incredibly rewarding hike. Along the way, you'll pass a series of spectacular waterfalls, such as the 60-foot-tall Foster Falls, Sycamore Falls, and more.


After hiking a short stem, the route splits into a long loop. The route, as mapped here, begins by running through the bottom of a narrow canyon before climbing out and returning along the rim of the canyon. According to some reports, the hike through the bottom of the canyon along Big Fiery Gizzard Creek is extremely rough and technical, requiring some scree field scrambling and negotiating boulder fields.

For an easier hike, you can opt to stay on top of the rim of the canyon and hike an out-and-back along the Dog Hole Trail. The choice is yours!

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Hiking challenging trails where simple scrambling, with the occasional use of the hands, is a distinct possibility. The trails are often filled with all manner of obstacles both small and large, and the hills are very steep. Obstacles and challenges are often unexpected and can be unpredictable.

Medium Exposure

2 out of 4

The trail contains some obstacles such as outcroppings and rock which could cause injury.


3 out of 4

Little chance of being seen or helped in case of an accident.

Best time to visit

between April and November


  • Picturesque
  • Water features
  • Forestry or heavy vegetation