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Shoal Creek Greenbelt

Traverse along a small creek and pass through serene parks, with skyscrapers towering overhead.

Road Biking Easy

15 km
111 m
111 m
0-1 hrs
Low Point
130 m
High Point
174 m
Shoal Creek Greenbelt Map

The Shoal Creek Greenbelt is a beautiful stretch of greenway trails, parks, and non-motorized paths stretching from Lady Bird Lake to 38th Street. The greenway and bike path system running through Austin is truly spectacular, and Shoal Creek is one of its crown jewels. This 9-mile out-and-back can also be connected to the 10-mile Lady Bird Lake Loop, and suddenly cyclists and long-distance runners can enjoy a lengthy route without having to risk their lives in traffic.


The current Shoal Creek Trail runs for about 4 miles one-way, traversing along the banks of the creek and through several parks. The trail alternates between paved bike path and gravel paths, and at times it does cross a few streets. However, it's still easy to follow until its terminus.

The route as mapped includes a few alternate options so that you'll get to sample a few different paths, especially where it passes through Pease District Park. The exact route choice here is up to you.

While Shoal Creek isn't nearly as popular and crowded with trail users as the nearby Lady Bird lake Loop, you can expect to encounter hikers, dog walkers, runners, and cyclists of all stripes on any day of the week. You'll even spot longboarders, skateboarders, roller skaters and rollerbladers, one-wheelers, and more using the trail.

Thanks to the trail's popularity, you'll need to remain constantly vigilant of other trail users. However, if you can negotiate the crowds, you'll enjoy an idyllic outing along a beautiful creek, right in the heart of downtown Austin.




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