Sunshine and Snow : Freeride at Banff's Biggest Resort

10 of the finest off-piste ski lines at Sunshine Village, high above Banff and deep in the Canadian Rockies.

Freeride Skiing Severe

A view of Goat's Eye Mountain taken from Mount Standish.
A view of Goat's Eye Mountain taken from Mount Standish. Photo: 5of7


Sunshine Village is one of the best known resorts in Canada thanks to its epic terrain and reliable snow. The resort can be bitterly cold in the middle of winter but these low temperatures also mean that the snow quality can be some of the best in the World. When combined with Sunshine's steep gullies, wide open bowls and incredible tree skiing, that legendary snow feels even better!

Perhaps the most famous line in here is Delirium Drive - a true north American classic and a serious ski descent by any standard. Elsewhere in this guidebook are much mellower options so you don't have to "do the dive" into that most famous of runs without a warmup!

All of the runs here can be skied without ski touring equipment, so this guidebook is a great place to start if you've just got off a plane and want to get some great skiing in. Once the jetlag has worn off and you're keen to work a little harder for even bigger rewards, check out our guidebooks to the Wapta and Bow Yoho traverses, 2 of Canada's best known ski adventures which both start close to Banff.



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