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It's real deep! @Will.Chick

First Tracks Guaranteed: Whistler Edition

You'll find unlimited first tracks that you don't have to fight for here, with over 3,500 hectares and only 28 people allowed to ski it on any given day. One more thing...this area gets 15% more snow than Whistler Blackcomb!

Ski Touring Moderate, Severe

It's real deep! @Will.Chick
It's real deep! @Will.Chick Photo: Daniel Leung 2023


Located just over 20 minutes outside of Whistler (towards Vancouver), the Callaghan Valley is a PNW skier's dream. With over 3,500 hectares of skiable terrain, there's something for every type of skier, from wide old growth tree skiing to open alpine faces and peaks...as long as you like skiing pow, because this place gets 15% more snow than Whistler Blackcomb!

When you start skiing here you may well find yourself thinking, "I feel like I'm in a ski movie"...well it turns out, many ski movies are filmed here, including most of the Salomon Freeski TV & BLANK Collective content!

Taking the Snowcat Shuttle at 8AM up what is normally a 9KM logging road in the summer is the best and only way to access this zone and sets you up for the most number of laps possible for your day. On the ride up, you may meet Patrick, whose family has been operating the place since he was young. It's really interesting hearing about all the various work they do to preserve the pristine land there, and all the cool things they've built over the years, including the Journeyman's Lodge (which we'll cover in another Guidebook).

Once you get off the Snowcat, you'll find yourself at the edge of Callaghan Lake, which provides easy & direct access to 3 different zones; Puma, Morning Glory & Hidden Peak. All of these zones can be lapped 2-3 times easily in a day, other than Hidden Peak.

After what will probably be the best & deepest PNW skiing you've ever experienced, you have the option of catching the 3PM Snowcat Shuttle back down to the base. Alternatively, you can ski the access road out fairly easily (3.5KM of alternating flat/downhill skinning, with the rest of the 9KM road being an easy ski out). This is a popular option, as it gives you the flexibility to get an extra lap in before sunset!

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