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Bow Yoho Traverse - Day 3

Ski Canada's Legendary Bow Yoho Traverse

A high and wild 4 day hut to hut ski tour in eastern British Columbia.

Ski Touring Moderate, Severe

Also in Alberta, Canada

Bow Yoho Traverse - Day 3
Bow Yoho Traverse - Day 3 Photo: Backcountry Skiing Canada


Traversing the Yoho National Park over the course of 4 days and 3 nights, this tour covers some of the same terrain as the Wapta Traverse but without the need for a night of winter camping.

The route starts at Bow Lake (just north of Lake Louise) and finishes close to the village of Field. Over the course of the 50 kilometre trip you'll stay at the Bow, Louise & Richard Guy and Stanley Mitchell huts, all of which are administered by the Alpine Club of Canada.

The trip involves glacier crossings, avalanche terrain and the potential for tough navigation if the weather is anything other than perfect, so either a mountain guide or a strong all round mountain skill set is required to do this route. If the stars align and you are able to complete the traverse, you will have ticked one of the finest multi day ski tours in North America.

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