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Ascending the south ridge

Big Alberta Adventures : Ski Tours from Bow Lake

3 beautiful day tours from Bow Lake, just to the north of Lake Louise and Banff.

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult

Ascending the south ridge
Ascending the south ridge Photo: Peter Schön


There is little doubt that Lake Louise is one of Canada's best known tourist towns - it is certainly one of the busiest in summertime! In winter it is still pretty popular but armed with this guidebook you'll quickly be able to escape the crowds and experience what touring from the legendary Icefield Parkway road is all about.

There are 3 tours in here to get you started on exploring the area and none of them are technically too tough, but the diversity of terrain you'll encounter whilst skiing them means you'll need a solid all-round skill set to negotiate them safely. All take you quickly away from the highway and into the high mountains, and all feel wild and remote, despite their proximity to 2 famous mountain towns.

Having got the feel for the area, why not up the ante somewhat and tackle one of North America's best known ski touring trips - the Wapta Traverse - which begins just north of Bow Lake?


Routes included

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