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Walking on the top of the crater

The Classic Volcano Ski Tours of Los Lagos

The finest ski tours through some of the best landscapes in Chile!

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Walking on the top of the crater
Walking on the top of the crater Photo: Tatan Clement


It is already an established habit of Chilean skiers to consider spring as an extension of the ski season in the southern zone, and to visit Los Lagos for backcountry skiing among araucaria forests, volcanoes and fascinating local culture. It is a great attraction that should not be missed.

The most beautiful images from Chile are in this area, with forests, lakes and volcanos in the background. These mountains are the main attraction and offer a series of fabulous ski touring routes that you simply cannot miss. The three routes in this guidebook are the classics of the area and offer the unique experience of skiing around volcanic craters, as well as providing some wonderful long descents.

In this area the conditions are changing constantly, due to heavy winds and rain. The perfect months to start tackling this region of Chile are late August, September, and October and also November. The snowpack will be considerably more stable, and the weather is a little more predictable than early winter.

In volcanic terrain the descents near the top are usually steep, with glaciers, where you may be faced with a crevasse and/or high mountain situations. So in these mountains you cannot be careless - you must bring with you the necessary equipment for mountaineering and it is essential to know about mountain safety. It is recommendable to go with someone who knows the place or a local guide.

Although these three volcanoes are not literally neighbours, they are the icons of the Lake Region, so if you visit this area these are the tours you have to do. You will find the best views, unique experiences and epic downhill skiing.

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