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The last effort up to the top with an extraordinary view

The Great Volcanic Peaks of Villarrica – Pucón

A truly unique ski experience awaits on these Andean volcanoes!

Ski Touring Difficult

Also in Los Ríos, Chile

The last effort up to the top with an extraordinary view
The last effort up to the top with an extraordinary view Photo: Victor Aatete


In the surroundings of the popular town of Pucon you can enjoy long skiing descents and amazing tours. This area is filled with skiable, cratered peaks that offer unique views of the landscape, as well as the epic and unique feeling of skiing active and non-active volcanoes.

The conditions of the volcanoes will always be better in spring because at the beginning of the season the storms and the wind make the ski touring unfriendly and the snow conditions very icy. If you go to these peaks in June or July, you had better try to snap quickly into "mountain mode" once touring! Otherwise you can adventure with calmness in spring, when the snow is lighter and you can have a pleasant and (likely) better descent.

This region is known for its changing conditions due to heavy winds, and rain due to changing isothermal lines. Therefore, caution and prior knowledge of mountain safety should be exercised. There are a few routes that also have the risk of crevasses, thus checking with local guides is a must when preparing to summit a volcano that contains glaciers on certain aspects of it.

Certainly this is an international destination and a cultural seal that makes Chile a must-see destination. This area has an important Mapuche culture and huge volcanoes separated from each other by only a few kilometers, with thousands of possible routes. So if you stay in the area for a few days, you can make these three routes a circuit that can be traveled completely and will make you have a great overview of the region.

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