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Backcountry Skiing Jewels in Corralco/Malalcahuello

A collection of beautiful freeride lines in the North Araucanía of Chile

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult

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Ski touring is one of the best ways to experience the North Araucanía during the winter season. Here you can enjoy an exquisite skiing adventure through the native araucaria and lenga trees. It's a soul-fulfilling experience that only few get to have, especially on a powder day. Furthermore, for those passionate about backcountry skiing, the Araucania has many hidden gems that are all within close walking range.

This magical place, where history remains in the landscape, offers unique walking through the valleys between ancient trees to reach remote places with volcanoes, rivers, wild animals, endless acres of huge araucarias and for sure a great skiing descents with steep slopes and lots of snow.

This region is truly an amazing place for backcountry skiing, but it is also known for its changeable conditions due to strong winds and rain, so the perfect months to start touring this area are late August and September. The snowpack will be considerably more stable and the weather is a little more predictable than in early winter.

Keep in mind that it's always pertinent to check past snow forecasts and FATMAP's live snow layer to have a good idea of snow depth and zones of accumulation. Therefore, it is necessary to know about backcountry skiing safety and it is recommended to adventure with local guides.

For those with only a couple of days in the Corralco/Malalcahuello area, these 3 routes are some hidden gems you can bag. 4x4 vehicles are heavily advised due to many roads not being cleared in time, although a good driver with snow chains could get everywhere required.

Routes included

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