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Hiking Through History: 8 of the Best Hikes in Israel

Hike to ancient historical sites on 8 of the best hikes in Israel

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Israel National Trail
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The country of Israel is home to some of humanity's oldest historical sites. The region "has evidence of the earliest hominid migrations out of Africa," along with evidence of Canaanite tribes in the Middle Bronze Age, according to Wikipedia. Most notably, Israel is known as "the Holy Land," serving as the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, as well as Islam if you trace it back to the prophets of Abraham, Moses, and others. (Source)

While most tourists to Israel come to visit the ancient holy sites, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land can easily feature plenty of fantastic hiking, too! In fact, several of the hikes in this guidebook visit historical sites, such as the Masada Snake Path, Ein Gedi and David Falls, and Wadi Qelt from the Saint George Monastery. Even if you don't adhere to one of the world's three major monotheistic religions, you can still appreciate the incredible history found in these incredible areas.

If you truly want to experience the best that Israel has to offer, consider hiking the 1,000-kilometer Israel National Trail (INT). Spanning the entire country of Israel, the trail passes through an astonishing assortment of famous locations from ancient history. The INT begins in Upper Galilee, travels into Lower Galilee, through Nazareth, heads to Carmel, traverses along the coast of the Mediterranean, visits the city of Tel Aviv, heads to the Holy City of Jerusalem, and then traverses the desolate Negev Desert on its way to Eilat and the Red Sea.

If 1,000 kilometers is a bit too long, but you're still interested in a multi-day adventure, then consider the Negev Highland Trail. This 83-kilometer hike passes through the barren, rocky landscape of the famous Negev Desert.

For another desert adventure, try the much shorter 2-kilometer hike through the slot canyon known as Red Canyon.

Would you prefer a region lush with vegetation over the desolate desert landscape? Then head to Galilee in the north of Israel instead. There, you'll find hikes such as Mount Arbel and Mount Meron that rise dramatically above the landscape below.

Israel offers a wide selection of diverse hiking opportunities—these selections are just the highlights! As you continue to explore this ancient land, you'll only uncover more and more historical hiking gems!

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