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Heading to the Forca Rossa from the Rifugio Fuciade

Easy Ski Tours Through the Epic Dolomites Mountains

The Dolomites are known for their steep and serious terrain, but there are plenty of chilled ski options too!

Ski Touring Easy, Moderate

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Heading to the Forca Rossa from the Rifugio Fuciade
Heading to the Forca Rossa from the Rifugio Fuciade Photo: Marcello Cominetti


There's no doubt that the Dolomites can be somewhat intimidating for the uninitiated - the cliffs are huge and vertical, the couloirs long and steep. At first glance it all looks a bit intense, and wholly unsuitable for beginners.

In reality, the Dolomites are certainly more suited to advanced skiers than beginners but that's not to say that there aren't some good easier tours mixed in with the rad lines. In this guidebook you'll find 3 of those easier tours which will enable any skier to sample what the Dolomites is all about. The tours are also well spread out, so in the process of skiing and travelling between them you'll get to see a good chunk of this legendary mountain range.

You might not ski any of the most famous lines in the range, but some of the most scenic peaks in the Dolomites are accessible to all ski tourers, and 3 such peaks are described here.

Suffice to say that if you enjoy these tours and want to push yourself a little further in the Dolomites, you won't be short of options!

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