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Kvalvika beaches from the summit of Ryten

10 of the Most Glorious Hikes in the Lofoten Islands

Journey to one of the most rugged, most remote, and most beautiful hiking destinations on planet Earth!

Hiking Moderate, Difficult

Kvalvika beaches from the summit of Ryten
Kvalvika beaches from the summit of Ryten Photo: Catherine Allan


The Lofoten Islands form one of the most rugged, most remote, and most beautiful hiking destinations on planet Earth. This island archipelago in Northern Norway comprises five major islands and a plethora of smaller ancillary islands. Despite being located north of the Arctic Circle, "the islands experience relatively warm temperatures for such a high latitude" thanks to the warm Gulf Stream currents, according to Emily Shinde on MatadorNetwork.com.

While the climate here is "relatively warm" for being north of the Arctic Circle, the ideal window of time to hike in the Lofotens is very small—basically, July and August. Even during this two-month weather window, you can still get smacked with brutal storms blowing in off of the ocean. As StunningOutdoors.com notes, the islands can easily be shrouded in clouds with howling winds, pouring rain, and boggy, wet trails—even during the peak of summer. But if you're willing to roll the dice with Northern Norway's unpredictable weather, you could be rewarded with some of the most beautiful hikes in the world!

The mountains in this archipelago, known as the Lofoten Alps, rise dramatically out of the ocean. The peaks climb up to 1000m above the beaches far below! While this means most of the peaks are reachable in a single-day hike, the landscape is steep, rugged, and challenging. Shinde notes that the hiking paths in the Lofotens "may not be as marked and orderly as what you’re used to." Despite the region's international renown, you can still often hike for hours and only see one or two other people the entire time. The hikes also tend to be quite difficult, and the paths can be boggy, rough, unmaintained, and even hard to follow. But that's what it's all about, isn't it?! If you don't want to go on an adventure, you'd best not journey to the Lofotens.

This guidebook rounds up 10 of the most glorious hikes in the Lofoten Islands. There are dozens, if not hundreds more, to choose from, but this hitlist will help get you heading in the right direction. This guidebook includes numerous stunning peak climbs, challenging loop hikes, and a few easier hikes heading to beautiful beaches.

Two of the best peak climbs in the Lofotens are Munken and Justadtinden, although this guidebook includes several more. Both of these summits provide incredible views of the jagged Lofoten Alps around you and the sparkling blue of the ocean in the distance.

For an easier hike to a scenic beach, try Haukland Beach or Horseidvika on for size.

It's almost impossible to choose an ugly hike here in the Lofotens, so whichever route you select, you're guaranteed to have a beautiful, epic adventure!

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