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Classic Ski Tours in Jotunheimen

The most popular ski touring mountains in Norway's highest mountain range. This area offers high mountains, excellent skiing and a long season!

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult

Also in Oppland, Norway

Photo: Emil Neby


Jotunheimen is an eldorado for ski touring and no Norwegian mountains take you higher. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced freerider, the spectacular and varied terrain will surely satisfy you. Here you will find everything from short daytrips to multiday adventures. From easy and moderate slopes to steep lines in exposed terrain - the scope is huge!

The season expands almost through the whole year. In Oktober you can find the first powder on the high plateau glaciers. The season lasts through June when you can tour wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The area has an alpine inland climate, but within the mountain range there are big differences. The amount of precipitation is largest to the west, and is decreasing to the east. As a result the eastern parts needs more time to accumulate enough snow for good conditions, but to the west you can get bigger powder dumps. Consider this when planning your trip.

Due to its central location and large surface area, the range has many access points - Lom, Beitostølen, Turtagrø and Tyin are some of the most popular. To make the experience even more typically Norwegian, you can check in to some of the cosy and charming tourist cabins - Spiterstulen, Leirvassbu, Gjendesheim, Eidsbugarden and Turtagrø hotel are some of the most popular bases for ski touring, and they will surely treat you well after a long day in the mountains!

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