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4 Epic Adventures for Trail Runners in Flims Laax Falera

A must for runners wanting high altitude intensity and spellbinding views.

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Ruine Belmont
Photo: Dominik Baumgartner


Trail running in the Flims Laax Falera region of Graubünden is nothing short of fantastic. The area is known for its diverse natural phenomena and epic mountain landscapes, which make every run feel like a seriously varied adventure. Rolling woodlands, wild rapids, crystal clear alpine lakes, and immense glaciers are all to be discovered in this selection of our favourite trail runs.

For serious runners wanting to train at altitude, there are plenty of trails over 2000 metres, for example, the Panorama Trail, which takes you up around the Vorab Glacier. For those who prefer something less intense but just as scenic, there is the Große Caumasee Runde. This loop trail begins in lush shady woodland, and then leads you to the banks of Lake Cauma, with waters so turquoise and warm it appears like a mirage of the Mediterranean Sea. Dive into this guidebook to see for yourself!

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