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Coire nam Caime

Torridon Summits : The UK's Wildest Mountains

4 of the finest hikes in Scotland and a stunning bike ride through some of best scenery in Europe.

Mountain Biking, Hiking Moderate, Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Coire nam Caime
Coire nam Caime Photo: Nick Bramhall


Ben Nevis and its surrounding peaks are the highest mountains in the UK, and the (relatively) nearby Cairngorms are some of the most accessible, but nowhere in the British Isles is more beautiful than the Torridon area. A long drive from just about anywhere, the peaks of Torridon are tucked away in a remote part of Scotland's mythical north-west region. The biggest settlement in the north-west is Ullapool but even that town of 1500 inhabitants is over an hour and a half's drive away from Torridon. Suffice to say that Torridon is a place for aficionados who like their mountains high, wild and remote.

We've got 4 of Torridon's best hikes for you in this guidebook, the shortest of which is Meall a' Ghiubhais - a Corbett (Scottish speak for a mountain between 2500 and 3000 feet in height) which can be comfortably climbed in a half day. It's the perfect place to start your exploration of the Torridon region and is easily the shortest and most straightforward route in this guidebook.

With that route ticked off, there are 4 big challenges to come, starting with 3 of the hardest and most sought after adventures in Scotland. Slioch is up first and it's a legendary summit which has appeared on many a postcard. Up next is Liathach - a big day that anyone would enjoy, which is also popular amongst experienced mountaineers in winter conditions. The final hike described here is Beinn Alligin Traverse - one of the best scrambles in the UK across some of its most beautiful peaks.

The final adventure in here is the Torridon Classic Coulags bike route. It might seem a lot of effort to bring a bike along just to do one route, but once you've experienced the 45kms of epic scenery and challenging, varied riding, you'll understand why it's an effort worth making!

So if the best scenery in Scotland, famous peaks and rugged trails sound like your thing - get in the car and head for Torridon!

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