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Scotland's 5 Finest Adventure Ski Tours

Scotland is known for its amazing gully skiing, and after doing these lines you'll understand why!

Ski Touring Difficult, Severe

Also in Aberdeenshire, United KingdomMoray, United Kingdom

An Chul-Choire


There are plenty of things to battle when trying to ski in Scotland, not least the weather, which can be utterly wild and change in the space of minutes. Add in the fact that snowfall is erratic and that the approaches are long and you have a serious challenge. The scale of that challenge only makes it feel even more rewarding when you do get a great ski day.

There are 5 ski tours listed here but the reality is that Scotland is home to - literally - thousands of incredible mountains and ski lines. As such, consider this an introduction to what the country has to offer rather than a comprehensive list of classics.

This guidebook contains 4 typically atmospheric and spectacular Scottish ski lines, and perhaps the most famous Scottish tour of them all - the Cairngorm 4000ers. Once you've ticked these off you will have a good idea of what skiing "up north" is all about and are likely to be keen for more!

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