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2017 Epic Winter Heavenly Mountain Resort Lake Tahoe, California

Sun and Fresh Pow: Top Freerides near Lake Tahoe

Satisfy your inner powder hound with these freerides around Lake Tahoe.

Freeride Skiing Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Also in Nevada, United States of America

2017 Epic Winter Heavenly Mountain Resort Lake Tahoe, California
2017 Epic Winter Heavenly Mountain Resort Lake Tahoe, California Photo: jcookfisher


Lake Tahoe is considered a world-class freeride ski destination, not only because of its boundless freeride options but because it also gets great weather, with plenty of bluebird days. Here are a few highlights.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort, south of Lake Tahoe, hosts the qualifiers for International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association World Tour in April 2019. Almost 60% of the runs at Kirkwood are black diamond or double black, and its freeriding opportunities are considered some of the best in the region. Check out the Cirque area and “Kodak” which runs just off of “Lower Cirque.”

Heavenly, just southeast of Lake Tahoe, is blessed with two key gifts: lots of sun and lots of snow. It’s a nice choice for both those on the hunt for fresh pow and families too. If you’re looking for a hidden gem that might not exactly appear on the maps, “Galaxy Glades” is worth checking out. Stay alert for rogue stumps and tree wells while riding through these tight glades though!

Squaw Valley is the reason why famous freeriders live in Lake Tahoe. You’ll find plenty of steeps, bumps, glades, and bowls, and – not to mention – some sweet vibes for freeriders. KT-22 is often referred to as Squaw Valley’s crown jewel, partly because it features tight chutes and a wide variety of freeride skiing. It has also hosted the Freeride World Tour. Check out “Hourglass," a fun bowl/chute combo off the “Cornice II” area, or “Boundary Bowl” (a nice option on powder days), or even the spring classic “Smoothie."

Nearby, Northstar lies just north of Lake Tahoe. “Sawtooth Ridge" is hands down its best hike-to terrain, when conditions permit, where you can easily tailor the hike to the zone you want to drop into. “Bloody Mary” is a popular spot for the locals. If it’s the sights you’re after, “White Rabbit” showcases some of the best views of Lake Tahoe and also features some large boulders to drop off.

Author: Emily Lennon

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